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YoYo balloons are great for Christmas decorations

YoYo Balloons on the Christmas TreeWe love Christmas and there are many ways to use the popular YoYo Balloons as Christmas decorations. Once inflated the balloons can be used for decorating your Christmas Tree; they look like colorful globes and if you have little children they are great as they are tough and won’t break. On Christmas day the kids can take them off the tree and play some of the many balloon games we have listed on our website.









YoYo Balloon Gift Tags

As part of gift giving the balloons are perfect as gift tags; you can write the name and message to the recipient and not only do they know which gift is for them but they have an extra novelty toy.








YoYo Balloon Table DecorationDecorate your table with the colorful balloons that add laughter and fun to any celebration.

Checkout our specials and grab a pack of two of these wonderful balloons.DSC03921





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