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YoYo Balloons

YoYo Balloons are a small balloon that packs a lot of fun. Bouncing on the end of a rubber string it is the yoyo that always comes back to you.

The YoYo Balloon fishing game is great to play at parties, corporate and school events promising to entertain children and adults alike. Balloons are put into a pool of water and the challenge is to hook one out – this is your prize. This game has been a cultural event in Japan for over 90 years.

Practice your yoyo skills and take it home. Manipulating the balloons also encourages motor development, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. A win-win situation for parents and children.

Visit kids party games for more ideas for YoYo fun and check out our gallery for decorating inspiration. Our Online Shop stocks two different pack sizes for the perfect match to your party needs.

YoYo Balloon Fishing Fun

YoYo Fishing Fun