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Rainbow Party Fun Times and Ideas

Smiles come easy when you look at a rainbow, and what better and easy way to celebrate an event. Whether it be  a christening, birthday, naming ceremony or engagement choosing to have a Rainbow Party Theme will be sure to please your guests whilst making the planning for yourself nice and simple.

Colour! Color! Colour!

– red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink are your standard colors which can be replicated from your invitation to your decoration to your food and drinks.

Rainbow Party and Giant Balloons

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You won’t find it hard to create amazing Party Theme invitations with a little image search on the web. We love the free pack that can be found at

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  • Decorate your party area indoors and outdoors with balloons hung down in a line
  • Blow balloons of rainbow colors and leave them on the ground for the kids to play
  • Select rainbow designed paper plates and paper napkins for the party
  • Make rope balloons using balloons and string to decorate your party table

Rainbow Food Ideas

  • Fruit Platter with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cherries etc
  • Rainbow colored cupcakes and jellies
  • Hundreds and thousands, every colour you can imagine – sandwiches, pretzels dipped in chocolate and then H&T
  • Pizza with toppings of pepperoni, cheese, pineapple, green, red peppers, and onions


  • Relay races with balloons colored in red, orange, yellow, green and blue. They have to work in teams of 2 to make up a rainbow in the teams corner/bag
  • Mix seven colored gems in a bowl and ask the player to segregate the gems of same color using chopsticks within one minute.
  • Keep all the children busy in doing creative work which involves all the rainbow colors like drawing, making of different colored clay toys.
  • Rainbow Beads
  • Roll a Rainbow Game (below)


roll a rainbow adding game

DSC06047 Rainbow Cupcakes

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