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New Colour Giant Black Balloon – 90cm/3ft

We’re thrilled to add the black giant to our range of giant/jumbo balloons. This colour is perfect for a sophisticated and classy look to your next event. Don’t be afraid of the colour black; sometimes a misunderstood hue, when put in the right environment it shines.

This balloon is great for Balls, Social Dances, sophisticated Weddings, and Birthday gifts to mention but a few special events. From a creative angle you could invite people to share words from the heart and write these onto the balloons with a permanent marker. If tied off correctly you can always deflate and put it into the memory box for reminiscing at a later date. Order online today.

Courtesy of Anoukb Interior Blog - 90cm Black Balloon Decoration

Words – AnoukB Interior BlogCelebrate with a giant black balloon