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Kids Party Games

Kids party games are an excellent way to burn off energy and in fact is the highlight of a party for many children. Visit our Blog for many more fun activities and party ideas or Shop Online .

Balloon Toss I

This game can be played with any sort of throwing material. It could be balls, mini bean bags or YoYo Balloons*. Find three receptacles i.e. buckets, plastic containers, old tyres and place them strategically in a row.

Then mark them with a sign saying how many points each bucket is worth.

Give each child 5 balloons that they can throw with the aim of getting them inside the buckets. At the end of their turn they can add up their points. The winner is the one who gets the most points.

*The YoYo Balloon is a small latex balloon with 20 mls of water inside. It has a rubber string attached and bounces up and down just like a yoyo. When inflated to 7-8 cm they are tough enough to land on firm surfaces many times over. However, if over inflated they may pop if they come into contact with sharp surfaces i.e. grass.

Balloon Toss Kids Party Game

Relay Races

Pass the yoyo from one team member to the next using two spoons
Race up to and around a cone and back to team with the balloon on a spoon
Pass the balloon from one player to the next using your feet
Walk to the cone and back yoyo-ing all the way

Balloon Stomp

Balloons with lollies inside are placed around the room. Children are then instructed to go around bursting the balloons to get the lollies. Children love this game and generally go “crazy” bursting the balloons. Another party that’s great indoors and outdoors. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

Pass It On

Everyone sits on chairs or on the floor in a circle and tries to pass the balloon to the next player using only stretched out feet. It can be made more difficult by using more than one balloon and giving many direction changes.

The Trophy

A water filled balloon is placed a top a cardboard roll (ex. Handy towel roll) and passed to the next player relay style.

Musical Chairs – A Variation

Musical chairs is popular at every children’s festival. This time it is played a little different: instead of the players rushing to get the empty chair, they must rush to the center of the circle when the music stops and grab a balloon. Because there is one balloon less than the amount of players, the player who doesn’t get a balloon is out.

Water balloon catapult

A group is made up of two teams. Each team is given a large towel which serves as a catapult and a catching sheet. A balloon filled with water is now catapulted from one team to the other across the ‘line’ (rope). The receiving team tries to catch the balloon. How often can the teams catapult the balloon backwards and forwards in the given time?


You divide up in two teams. Drag a garden hose or other similar divider between the yard. The teams each go to their own side, and may not cross the divider. Gather a number of YoYo Balloons and split them up between the two teams to start. You throw a ball at the other team, if you hit them below the head, they are out. If they catch the ball, you are out. The last person in is the winner.


You need a large sheet and initials put on each childs’ YoYo Balloon. Every player places his/her yoyo on the sheet and then grabs and lifts the sheet up with two hands. On the shout of “Go!” everyone starts pumping their hands up and down trying to remove the yoyos. The player with their yoyo on the last, wins.

Balloon Toss (similar to egg toss but no casualties)

Teams of two are formed and all players move into 2 lines. Facing their partner they throw the balloon. Once caught then one side takes two steps back and they throw again. After each toss is successfully completed then the member continues to take 2 steps back. The winner is the person who lasts longest in their balloon tossing.

Visit our Blog for many more fun activities and party ideas.