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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the balloons last?

  • Helium filled giant latex balloons will float for approximately 10-12 hours.
  • If you need your balloons to float longer than 12 hours, you can treat the balloons with a sealant known as hi-float.  There will be extra charges per balloon for this, ask at your local party shop.
  • Floating time depends on atmospheric conditions, room temperature and weather conditions.

We have inflated one of our giant balloons with air and tracked how long it was inflated. Environment does count so we suggest out of direct sunlight and in reasonable temperatures. Over the period of a month the balloon only lost 10% of its diameter and the colour stayed the same with minimal oxidisation. Balloons are a great way to decorate your shop when kept in the right conditions.


Do I have to use helium to inflate the balloon?

No, we often inflate with air using an electric pump. We purchased a pump at Bunnings for @$30; 40 seconds and your balloon is ready! Alternatively, you can hire the air pump from your local party shop.


air pump for balloons



Notes for 36” Balloons

Please note that the information below is just an approx. guide.  Actual flying times vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

A.49M tank

Balloon size:     Inflated Dia.       Gas capacity    No.   

36” (91cm)         76cm                0.226m³            2

36” (91cm)         91cm                0.425m³            1


D1.3M tank

Balloon size:     Inflated Dia.       Gas capacity    No.    

36” (91cm)         76cm                0.226m³            5

36” (91cm)         91cm                0.425m³            3


Information kindly provided by PartyZone – Glenfield, Auckland


I want to play the YoYo Fishing game, what do I use as a hook?

Making a hook for your game is very simple. Attach a piece of string (about 45cm) to a paperclip and pull one side of the clip open so that it points at an angle.
The more distance your hand is from the hook, the greater the challenge will be in hooking out your YoYo Balloon.

My YoYo balloons come out looking like pears instead of like a baseball. What am I doing wrong?

First, remember you want the yoyo to fit easily into the hand. Over-inflating the YoYo Balloon may result in a pear shape.
TIP: Use luke warm water when filling the balloons. Make sure the tip of the pump is in the round part of the balloon before you begin to pump in the water and air.

Why do my clips sometimes break in the clip-it fixture?

The activity of the balloon demands a tight seal. Stretching the neck and twisting the YoYo Balloon 3 times makes it possible for the clip to seal tight. If it is not stretched enough the clip will
break because there is too much latex in the opening. Stretching makes the latex thinner, allowing the clip to close easily. Please see the assembly instructions below for more details.

My YoYo Balloon strings break. What can I do?

The strings are made to hold the weight of 1-1/2 oz of water. The YoYo Balloon is easier for a beginner to use if there is a little more water in the balloon.
However, if the strings are breaking, use a little less water when filling the balloon. During storage keep the strings away from direct heat and sunlight.

The weather will be warm at my event. Will the YoYo Balloons survive? What can I do?

There are several options here, depending on your location and the amount of space you have in your booth. KEEP BALLOONS OUT OF THE SUN or extreme heat.

Idea #1- Keep a supply in a large cooler or dark plastic bag under the counter until you’re display stock needs to be replenished.

Idea #2- Purchase a small child’s pool or large bucket and float your YoYo Balloons in water. Kids love to get their hands wet as they reach in the water to pick out their YoYo Balloon.

How can I protect the YoYo Balloons I have left over so that I can sell them again next week?

Store your YoYo Balloons in black trash bags, punching a few holes for air. Put the bags in a cool place. The bottom of a closet is best place if you do not have a basement. Some customers have old
refrigerators in the garage they can set at low temperatures and store their YoYo Balloons.